Friday flashback: 70s style

27 12 2013

I came across this cool video the other day and had to share.

Kathy Sessler shot this short film of her bike-riding friends back 1971/72.

Kathy Sessler lesson in history

The intro seems to capture it best when it says,

Something magic always happened when rubber touched the dirt.

Something that’s as true today as it was back then.

When you boil riding down to its essence, it’s all about having fun on your bike.  Sometimes people forget that.

Definitely worth a watch.


Rad Rides: not in Oprah’s book club

17 05 2012

I recently picked up a super cool book called, Rad Rides: The Best BMX Bikes Of All Time (Intercity, Gavin Lucas & Stuart Robinson).

And while it will probably never be an Oprah Book Club Selection, I think this a book that you’ll still want to check out.

Tracking the evolution of BMX bikes from the 70s to the modern day, it’s cool reminder of how far we’ve come in terms of BMX technology, and also how in many ways, we have stayed more or less true to the original designs from back in the day.

There are also cool one-off bikes, like Woody Itson’s gold-plated Hutch Trick Star.

And in the “modern era”, some of Jim Bauer’s cool custom projects.

24″ BMX gets some love too.

Whether it’s an OG Patterson cruiser, a 2009 S&M 24″ 38 Special or an early SE Floval Flyer…Rad Rides has got that covered too.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed by this book.

Just thumbing through the pages, I find myself constantly stopping and poring over each cool ride.

If you have any roots at all in BMX, you gotta check this book out.