Lightning bolts: key to a great BMX logo

8 09 2011

BMX legend Taj Mihelich, put together a cool article (that’s making the rounds today) for Complex magazine called The 50 greatest BMX Logos.

It’s a great read.  A funny thing you’ll notice, and one that Taj notes in the writeups for each logo, is how prevalent the lightning bolt is in BMX logos. It shows up time and time again. In the Zap Pad writeup, he says:

There is definitely some connection between lightning and BMX. You can find lightning bolts on all kinds of BMX imagery. I think that maybe the very bones of BMX, chromoly steel, can only be created by a direct lightning strike.

For me, the Elina lightning bolt seat is the most iconic of the BMX lightning bolts.  Those old school Elina seats are pure BMX.

Like I said earlier, it’s a great read.

For old schoolers, it’s like a trip down memory lane.

For new schoolers, it’s an opportunity to see (and maybe laugh at) what passed for cool back in the day.

Check it out.

When in Vegas…stop in at City of Bicycles

16 06 2009

If you’re ever in Vegas, make a point of stopping in to City of Bicycles, which is right around the corner from the Rio Hotel. When you get there, chances are you’ll find yourself talking with ABA Hall of Famer and former No. 1 Cruiser rider, Turnell Henry. Turnell’s shop caters to the local BMX scene, with a big focus on racing.

Turnell Henry with his 1981 #1 cruiser award

Turnell Henry with his 1981 #1 cruiser award

When I visited the shop recently he told me how he had been working in other fields (outside of BMX) but then realized if he was going to be working so hard it was going to be for what he loved…and that was BMX.

But he’s not just back into BMX from a business perspective,  he’s taken some of the local racers under his wing and started training them….and he has also got back into the mix himself in the King of Las Vegas race series. He’s racing guys 20 years his junior and more than holding his own.

Definitely take the time to visit Turnell and City of Bicycles next time you’re in Vegas…if you’re like me, you’ll come away just as stoked (scratch that…more stoked) on your conversation with one of the legends of the sport as you are on the great selection of BMX parts and bikes in the shop.

Don’t mess with Rick Moliterno

19 03 2009

Rick Moliterno might be some kind of crime-fighting superhero by night in addition to his already full plate with Standard Bykes, Goodtimes Superstore, and still killing it on his bike.

According to this news story, a local kid had just been in Rick’s shop, Goodtimes, and had gone across the street to grab a sandwich at Wendy’s. The kid did not lock his bike up and it was promptly stolen by some 14-year deliquent. Rick’s girlfriend saw the theft go down and told Rick. Rick put on his shoes, grabbed his bike and gave chase.  Keep in mind that at this point the thief has a two-block head start and Rick is 30 years his senior. In most cases, that would mean that bike was long gone.  But not when you have a BMX legend giving chase. Rick got the bike back and gave the kid some advice I’m sure he’s not going to forget:

“Don’t steal bikes, especially BMX bikes.”

Seriously, I’m beginning to wonder if Rick might be Batman.

In somewhat related news, I’m pretty stoked on this Standard 125R cruiser I stumbled upon on flickr:


Drawing on the frame and then clear coating it, the sweet green bars and forks…this is a nice bike.