The scoop on the GT Interceptor 24

8 08 2013

Crazy Al Cayne caught up with GT Bicycles product manager, Jason Halverson recently at Trumbull BMX to get the inside line on the new Interceptor 24 from GT.

I was stoked to see Al’s bike check post because my interest has been piqued ever since the ads started appearing in PULL magazine touting the “100% Chromoly” Interceptor Race Line.

GT Interceptor 24

Turns out that GT has taken some elements of its freestyle frames, like the dropouts and the larger downtube, and worked them into the Interceptor.  This is In addition to design tweaks to reduce flex and keep it race-ready. All in an effort to make a bike that’s equally at home at the track and the trails.

GT Interceptor dropout

With S&M and Standard pretty much cornering the chromoly race frame market, it’s cool to see a mainline race brand re-embrace its roots and put out a quality chromoly race bike.

What do you think?

Check out for more pictures and details from Al Cayne and the Interceptor 24.




9 responses

8 08 2013
Tony Peters

Thats nice, about time companies make a CroMo bike again….wider range of functionality

8 08 2013

i like the versatility… i think a complete would sell really well!

8 08 2013

I like it. I have been thinking about a bike that would be suitable for racing, trails, and even a little bit of park riding. Just like in the old days when you only had one bike which you raced on the weekends and did freestyle during the week on.

9 08 2013

Built in chain tensioners would’ve been nice.

9 08 2013
Tony Peters

It has built in chain tensioners

9 08 2013
James Clark

This looks very nice. Does anyone know what the geometry is? The head angle looks more trailsy than racey.

10 08 2013
9 08 2013

If only it was American Made like S & M’s are… then they would sell more of them.

27 08 2013

Sweet bike. That was my home track!!!!

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