Which way to the beach?

1 08 2013

I dunno, things have been far too busy these past few days–between the day job and other things–it’s starting to harsh my vibe.

It’s supposed to be the lazy, hazy days of summer after all, right?

Time to mellow things out.

This Stolen BMX video always puts me in a chill mood.

Sean Morr and JJ Anderwald cruising around Venice Beach, just jibbing and pulling a few tricks.

I need a session like this.

How ’bout you?

See ya at the beach.

stolen-saint-venice JJ Anderwald(JJ Anderwald cruising Venice Beach)




2 responses

1 08 2013

Any video showing pros on 24″ is awesome. Not enough of them.

1 08 2013

This is one of my favorite BMX videos for some reason.

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