US-made BMX frames on the upswing

1 10 2011

Brian Tunney over at ESPN just posted a great article about The resurgence of US-made BMX frames.

It talks about how the gap is starting to close price-wise between US-made frames and frames made overseas. With the growing costs of both international shipping and production in Taiwan (where most BMX frames are produced) the price advantage that Taiwan had over the US, for many years now, might be a thing of the past.

In the article, Tunney was surprised to learn that:

...between the rising costs of steel on top of stricter overseas regulations and increased shipping costs, the price gap between a US-made frame and an overseas frame is shrinking.

That’s pretty incredible, but check out this statement:

In some cases, a US-made frame such as an S&M might even be cheaper than a Taiwan-produced frame…

Who would have thunk it?

Could we see a return to something similar to the 80s when most premier BMX frames were made in the US?

Looks like it might very well happen.




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1 10 2011

was perusing a dan’s catalog the other day… couldn’t believe the cost of some of the “high-end” foreign-made frames.

i went out and hugged my .38 special, then we did sprints in joyous rapture…

1 10 2011

Part of the reason Taiwan frames are getting more expensive is the quality has gone up and in some cases they are arguably as good as frames made in the US. Chris Moeler even spoke to this in a magazine article.
When we (The U.S.) compete “apples to apples” the US can indeed be competitive despite labor costs when you have a like product.

4 10 2011
Leroy Rochester

Thought this was a cool article and really dug the lead in shot of the 24 Dirtbike. I ride my Dirtbike cruiser every chance I get and I love it. Best bike I ever owned by a mile!

By the way, super cool site. Really dig the big wheel focus here.

8 04 2015
Sneak Peek: CCH 26-inch cruiser frame | cruiser revolution

[…] (when the frame is registered on the CCH website). A cool-looking frame, life-time warranty and made in the USA…that’s pretty hard to beat. Watch for these to become available in the next three […]

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