Random interbike finds

22 09 2011

While I was cruising the booths at interbike, a few random things caught my eye. No real rhyme or reason to them but things you might be interested in.

The return of the Redline Forklifter Plate

Spotted this in the Redline booth. It looks pretty similar to the old Forklifter plates that RL Osborn used to sport on his bike (like in the opening sequence of Rad).

Tioga’s “is this taking things to far?” new pedals

Spotted these at the Tioga booth. I’d be a little nervous about riding these puppies. (What I was hoping to find in the Tioga booth is news that they would be offering the Powerblock tires in 24 X 1.95…alas, no such luck.)

New kicks from 5-Ten

Although I’m something of a flat pedal purist when it comes to racing, I do like the added edge that sticky shoes like 5-Ten provide.  Wandering by the 5-Ten booth I noticed that they’ve stepped things up this year with cool half-cab and high-top styles.

Pryme knee/shin guards

Not sure if these are new or not but I really liked how streamlined they were. They looked like a good option to wear under jeans at the local bike/skatepark.

Cruiser Candy

I got pretty excited when I spotted this van at the show. Probably because I was hoping to fill my pockets with cruiser-shaped candy. Unfortunately (at least for me anyway) Cruiser Candy is a business focused on the beach cruiser market. I consoled myself with one of the complimentary beers that some of the booths were offering to “guests”.



One response

4 10 2011
Leroy Rochester

Holy crap! I saw that thing driving down the street the other day (in HB) and wondered what it was… Oh the irony of the HB city logo on a trashcan next to that pink abomination!

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