The sons of Slam

5 04 2011

If you’re ready to ditch your traditional cruiser bars for something a little taller,  S&M has got you covered with some smaller versions of their classic Slam Bars.

I like to call them the sons of Slam.

There’s a 7.25″ rise version that’s 28″ wide….right in the neighborhood of the Sunday 24umph bar, dimension-wise.

Another option is the Small Slam: 7.5″ rise X 26.25″ wide…perfect if you want a smidge more height and slightly narrower bars.

Erik Dabrowski is rocking Small Slams on his new 24" Dirt Bike build .

And, if you’re especially finicky about bars,  you can always check out S&M’s new custom handlebar program.

(For a pic of Erik D’s complete Dirt Bike build, visit the Cruiser Revolution Facebook page…it’s a beauty!)




7 responses

5 04 2011

Yeah his build is pretty sweet. Makes me want to build a Dirtbike as well. S&M are my favorite handle bars. Super strong and no matter what size you are looking for they make it. I run the SlamXLTs on my em!

7 04 2011

I’m about to put some S&M Perfect 10’s on my Liquid 24″ . . . . I’ll show some pics when I get em on.

7 04 2011

dang colin! i wanna take that thing for a spin. i really liked the feel of the paul b T-1 bars on that Liquid. Curious the feel of the perfect 10’s.

8 04 2011

Definitely want to see pics of that…and to find out how it rides/feels.

8 04 2011

i have not been riding trails for a while now due to injury . . . so this is more of a street cruzing setup. BIG. we’ll see, heh heh.

29 04 2011
Erik D for a full parts rundown other bikes i have had

6 09 2015
Tim Timpe

I am running the 725 slam bars and love them. I just looked for them on the Internet and no where to be found if I need another set. Ace bike shop has them I think

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