Specialized steps it up with the P24

27 10 2010

As you may recall from a previous post, where Specialized debuted the new P24 at Sea Otter, Specialized has reentered the BMX world.

And it looks like they’re serious about it this time.

The P24, which we featured a prototype of  earlier, has been out for a little while now and it looks like they’ve done a good job of spec’ing out this complete bike. Its got great geometry, Reynolds cro-mo construction (with a 21.6 top tube) and nice, big 7 1/2″ X 29″  bars. The components also look solid and it’s a fairly light at the 26 pound mark.

Buddy's personal P24 with Cruiser Revolution stickers

How does it ride?

As luck would have it, cruiserrevolution.com reader, Buddy,  recently picked  up a P24 for himself and shared his thoughts on it.

His first impressions?

Manuals like crazy….Went to our trails today,what a blast, like a rocket…

When asked how it compares to other bikes he’s ridden:

It feels better than any of those bikes to me. I think it’s mostly the size and geometry fits me very well, perfect, (I’m 6 feet tall).

Based on the specs (and Buddy’s feedback), I think we may have another contender to consider when shopping for a new complete.




18 responses

27 10 2010

Killer Ride, Buddy!

27 10 2010

What are the geo specs?

27 10 2010

Never mind. Found it on the link even thought the lengths are in mm?

I don’t do conversions in the morning.

27 10 2010

The bars are actually about 8 1/2 inches tall,must be a type-o on there website.

27 10 2010

Forgot to say,I did do a few upgrades with the odyssey convertible seatpost and aiken seat,something you can actually call a seat.Also put on a 23 tooth Stolen sprocket in place of the 25 tooth,I found the stock gear to tall for me.And just for the hell of it a dark blue sputnic brake lever.All of this was changed out recently and is not in the pic posted here.

28 12 2010

You think this bike could be raced?

27 10 2010

Sick rig, Buddy.

27 10 2010

Where have you been Bobby?Have’nt seen you at the trails lately.

27 10 2010

I have been out of town a bunch lately. Finally back though! I’ve been hitting up 9th St. and Hush a bunch. Come down to 9th St. Sunday for the Halloween Jam!!!

27 10 2010

I was told it was saturday.

27 10 2010

Sick lookin bike. It’s about time specialized jump back into the 24″ game. Love the cruiser revolution stickers. In my circle it’s common now to see them stickers. Lol

27 10 2010

For those interested:
BB Height is 13.1 inches
CS length is 15.1 inches
With a TT of 21.6, those are some nice geo’s on a 24.
At last another good complete.
And if anyone from Subrosa is reading this, it’s in Reynolds chromo and only slightly more expensive than yours. Now do you get it?

3 11 2010

yeah or the sunday model C expert model. and a 21.6 tt. all the competiters are putting out 21.25 tt for some reasonj. its too damn short. if we wanted a TT that short we’d ride 20″.

3 11 2010
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30 03 2011

hows the toe buzz can you throw the bars without fear

2 05 2011

What Mike said.. ^^^

Bar spins/ X-ups and toe buzz?

17 05 2011
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31 08 2011
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