Custom parts make a one-of-a-kind ride

28 10 2010

If you’re on Sunday Bike’s Facebook feed, you may have caught this video of Wayne Keller riding his local skatepark.

What you may not know, besides tearing up the skateparks, Wayne also has a thing for repurposing, remachining and generally customizing his parts for his ride.

Check out his stem.  He carved the top off and engraved “Dork” on it. The cool paint job on both the stem and the sprocket are trick too.

His hubs are also attention-getting…painted in a “can’t miss this” orange.

To keep things fresh, Wayne’s redoing his bike at the moment and ditching the lime green and orange. He’s changing a bunch of his parts to different shades of grey.

Check out Wayne’s blog, for more updates on the constantly evolving look of his Model-C.

Great to see  people  customizing their rides and making them their own.




7 responses

28 10 2010

Very cool. I rode with Wayne a few times back in the day here in the Orlando area. Need to reconnect with him.

28 10 2010

Right on. I recently ditched the all black parts and started painting alot of my parts a flaT white. I love the color scheme now but now it’s easier for cops to spot me at night. Lol

28 10 2010

Life is nothing but “shades of grey”!

28 10 2010
buck melanoma

There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.

28 10 2010

This dude’s blog is pretty sick. That is a lot of miles on that bike!! Hell yea dude! I also use my Model C for a commuter, but I only live 2 miles from work.

28 10 2010

cool customs to that bike….to bad he didnt use some of that custom skill to cut the forks down, and get rid of the 5000 washer stack ontop of the stem 😛

29 10 2010

“get rid of the 5000 washer stack ontop of the stem”

-true, true…

that photo was a test fit..also had a front loader stem that needs all that stack height that I was goin’ to use if the DK one didn’t work out…went with the top loader and cut the forks back in december…did have to helicoil the DK stem the other day after some strippage…totally runnin’ out of material with that one..

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