Specialized debuts new P24 at Sea Otter

5 05 2010

Specialized is jumping back into the BMX scene with its new P-series of bikes. On display at the recent Sea Otter MTB event, the P24 model looks like it took its influence from some of the current crop of 24s that have entered the market in the last year or so.

It’s built with Reynolds tubing and has next-to-no graphics (although that might be due to it being in the prototype stages). And yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, that’s a Sunday fork that  was being used to build up the bike for testing.

Here’s a more close up look:

One of my first thoughts when I came across this was…why debut this at Sea Otter? A MTB event? It’s a BMX bike after all. Then after thinking about it for a while, it seemed to make more sense.

Whenever I’m riding somewhere that has a lot of riders with “urban/DJ” MTBs, there always seems to be a questions and interest regarding my 24. Many seem unaware of the 24″ BMX option.

Maybe MTBers are the great cross-over market for 24s…if reading the ads for  Urban DJ bikes are any indication, it just might be. Almost to the one, the ads will say something like, “BMX-inspired” or “BMX-style” in describing the bike and the components. Maybe the answer for the people reading these ads is to actually get a BMX bike.

Specialized might be on to something with this approach.

For more on the Specialized P24, check out Bikerumor and Sicklines.




17 responses

5 05 2010

I’m not a fan of Specialized but it looks like a nice ride.I’m sure they’ll convert a few MTBers.

5 05 2010

this looks like a nice bike to me….

5 05 2010
Jason G

Yeah coming back into riding this time around a few years ago I was introduced into the mtb world which now has brought me back to a cruiser. When you say bmx, most mtb’ers think only 20 inches and too small to ride i suppose. Wounder if anybody ripped that cruiser around the sea otter pump track? Not sure what else is around there that would be fun for a smaller ridgid set up so…

5 05 2010
Jon Faure

That thing looks awesome! Anyone know what the geometry is?

5 05 2010

Looks similar to a Model C…correct?

5 05 2010

it was only a matter of time before specialized came out with another 24″. I used to ride a fatboy cruiser till it was stolen out of my garage. Anytime i ride i get a few compliment on my cruiser but when mtbers see me on trails that are kinda hard to get up on a single speed they wonder how the hell i did it. I just tell them that you just have to find that middle gear thats right for you. I ride alot around Bootleg Canyon trails in boulder city NV and its like ski runs for mountain bike but they are just as fun on a cruiser. A few spots have some sic doubles that you hit coming down. I noticed the last time i was there a few guys riding cruisers. They feel the same way i do and know that you don’t need multiple gears…Them guys with the 21 speeds are only using one gear comin down and its too steep a hike to ride up so it kinda makes the multiple gears obsolete. Anyways i’m done rambling…i hope that cruisers start getting more popular so i can have more friends to ride with.

5 05 2010

! me gusto mucho!

5 05 2010

I gotta say I really like the looks of this! I hope they use decent components.

6 05 2010

i see your point . . . . but i think you may also be missing the point that a lot of the guys who ride and design “new school” MTBMX/MTB Dirt Jumpers ARE bmx’ers themselves. like myself. i spent 20+ years on 20″ and 24″ BMX. but 4 years ago i got a 26″ MTBMX and i love it. of course i still love 24″ BMX, but the two setups are waaaay more close to each other than any other kind of bike.

Blackmarket MOB 26″ MTBMX and my Liquid 24″ BMX are the two best bikes I have had ever.

if you erase all labels from your mind, and watch this video, there is no way a person could say this is not “bicycle motocross.”

“COASTAL CREW” :http://vimeo.com/10356023

7 05 2010

According to this:

Originally Posted by Speci-AL
That bike is a prototype that I built up. It was never meant to end up at Sea Otter, since it’s not an accurate example of what the finished product will be. Most of the parts on that bike are incorrect.

The information as posted on bikerumor.com as to the line up and model names is not something I can confirm, because none of it has been finalized.

7 05 2010

Speci-Al…incorrect parts..but still looks mighty cool to me!

24 05 2010

Well it seems you can’t keep something that cool under wraps for long. I was actually planing on debuting the right here on cruiserrevolution.com. I have been a fan of this blog for a while now and it seemed like the place.
So maybe we can get a production bike for you to test out and share your thoughts with your loyal readers?
Let me know.

Al Boneta

24 05 2010

would love to test out a production model. Please send an note to the email address on the “about” page and we can work out the details.

24 05 2010
Jon Faure

Al, give us some hints on the geometry?

27 05 2010

Geo? All in good time Jon all in good time.

27 10 2010
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