Check out the tight rear end on this one

22 05 2013

By Ed Vandermolen

The Emer Swift is a bit of a departure from typical cruisers in that it has one of the shortest chain stay lengths available in a 24″.

Clocking in at tight 13.75″, I don’t think I have seen chain stays this short since the photos of the Greg Melms-designed  frame that were floating around the internet in 2009.

Emer swift Emer Swift Brixton Billys

The rest of the specs are:

  • 21.25″ top tube
  • 74.5 degree head tube angle
  • 73 degree seat tube angle
  • 11.5″ bottom bracket height.

If you’re into manuals this may be just the ticket.

To see it in action, check out this video of the Emer Swift cruiser getting a workout by Brixton Billy, Chico Hooke and Will Herman.

For more details on London-based Emer BMX company, visit their website,


Dirt: take with plenty of Liquid

21 01 2010

I teased you a while back with a great video from Jeremy Combs riding a prototype of his new Liquid frame.

Well, now it’s time to take a closer look.

I have to say I’m  pretty excited about this new frame…1) because it was obviously designed by someone that knows his way around a bike and 2) because it offers a long top tube and short chain stays (a combo that seemed a long time in coming).

Check out these specs from the liquid-dirt site:

TT: 22″ and 22.25″
BB: 12.7″
CS: 14.25″
HA: 74
SA: 72
ST: 9.15″ center to center
Weight: 5 lbs 3 oz

They’re also 4130 Sanko Chromoly and feature removable brake mounts and routing.

Colors available are:  flat black, pearl plum grey, and limited edition flat bubblegum blue.

And if you’re a fan of 24″ dirt jumping (and really, aren’t we all?) you should really check out liquid-dirt for great dirt jumping photos like the one below: