Check out the tight rear end on this one

22 05 2013

By Ed Vandermolen

The Emer Swift is a bit of a departure from typical cruisers in that it has one of the shortest chain stay lengths available in a 24″.

Clocking in at tight 13.75″, I don’t think I have seen chain stays this short since the photos of the Greg Melms-designed  frame that were floating around the internet in 2009.

Emer swift Emer Swift Brixton Billys

The rest of the specs are:

  • 21.25″ top tube
  • 74.5 degree head tube angle
  • 73 degree seat tube angle
  • 11.5″ bottom bracket height.

If you’re into manuals this may be just the ticket.

To see it in action, check out this video of the Emer Swift cruiser getting a workout by Brixton Billy, Chico Hooke and Will Herman.

For more details on London-based Emer BMX company, visit their website,




9 responses

22 05 2013

Like the chrome but find it a bit strange that you can only run caliper brakes on this, looks that way to me. Could you fit a fat tire like a 2.2 in the rear?

22 05 2013

that’s an ideal setup for street for sure.

i’d be willing to race it… just to see how twitchy it might be.

based on buddy’s observation above, i checked out the video very carefully. it does indeed appear to be a caliper. no surprise- the brits always had a funny way of doing things!

23 05 2013
Emerbicycles (@Emerbicycles)

Hey Buddy, the tyre on the Chico Hooke’s bike (on the track in the video) is a Intense micro knobbly 1.85. with a little room to spare, you can get a bit more in, but I wouldn’t recommend a larger tyre for a slammed set-up.
The brake is dual-pivot dia-compe. They are soooo good these days and a far cry from a MX1000!

24 05 2013

Ok,it is hard to make out from the pics, the frame looks fun. Thanks for answering.

24 05 2013
Chico Hooke

I got a Shimano XT V Brake on mine now. Works sweet.

27 05 2013

Looks good, but if it’s a street / park bike why the big front chainring?

29 05 2013
Emerbicycles (@Emerbicycles)

Hey Geoff, good question. I’m moving onto a 27/10 in the near future to tidy things up a bit and to step it up a gear- excuse the pun

29 05 2013

emer, thanks for all the great follow up… as a racer i’m actually curious how big a chain ring could be run.

29 05 2013

Cool, thanks for the answer.

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