Bentonville Wants Bikers

2 03 2021

With work and home life so topsy-turvy these days, some cities and states (in the U.S.) are offering incentives to encourage folks who are working remotely to pick up stakes and move to their neck of the woods.

While there’s more than a handful of places offering relocation incentives, Northwest Arkansas might have the best offer on record at the moment….especially if you are a bicycling enthusiast.

Northwest Arkansas will give you $10,000 to move, plus throw in a bike (MTB or “Street”) to sweeten the deal! Northwest Arkansas has 162 miles of paved trails, the 37-mile Razorback Regional Greenway and the 322 miles of world-class mountain biking trails.

The city of Bentonville also has the The Railyard bike park which looks amazing!

Barry Nobles posted a video of him shredding the park recently and if that video is any indication of the caliber of biking parks and infrastructure in Arkansas then this offer seems extremely compelling.

(Video link:

Another notable to shred the park is none other than Mike “Hucker” Clark (See below).

Northwest Arkansas has put together quite the offer…I’m getting the feeling this could become quite the hotspot in the near future!


Are you wearing the right helmet?

18 12 2012

With head injuries making the news so often these days, both with big-name riders and everyday joes, wearing a helmet when you ride just makes a whole lot of sense.

But not all helmets are created the same.

Aaron Cooke from the Athlete Recovery Fund (ARF), along with Mike “Hucker” Clark, Chad Kerley and Brandon Dosch, recently went to a test facility and got a quick answer to the question, “how does a non-certified helmet hold up under an impact?”

The answer? Not well.

Wearing a CPSC-certified helmet could mean the difference between walking away from a crash and a very severe injury (maybe even death).

Check your head. Then check your helmet. If it’s not CPSC-certified, maybe it’s time to get a new lid.