Macneil just wants to cruise

17 11 2015

Even though we’ve already documented that 26″ cruisers were having a moment…and their moment in the sun seemed to have some legs…it was a bit of surprise to see that Macneil Bikes had — in a pretty low-key way — reintroduced a 26″ cruiser into their lineup.

Macneil 26 cruiser blue

Bike nerds (like myself ) might remember that none other than BMX legend Jay Miron used to rock a version of this before he decided to hang up his riding shoes and 540 tailwhips.

To make matters further intriguing, Macneil not only re-introduced their 26″ cruiser but they’ve also brought a 29″ to market as well. Hey now!

Based on their promo vid, I wouldn’t say they had hard-core shredding in mind with this cruiser but it’s worth noting that it does feature a full cro-mo frame, fork and bars…so it will definitely handle some abuse.

A nice choice for some mellow cruising and curb hopping.

(Click on over to the Macneil site for full specs on the 26″ and 29″ cruisers.)




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