Lairdframe celebrates its 200th frame

21 04 2016

Mike Laird made a name for myself as a BMX Pro but these days he spends most of his time making high-end custom frames that bear his name.

And those frames might just end up having a bigger impact on the riding community than his pro career ever did.

Still riding at a high level but retired from the contest scene, Mike has turned his attention to building the best custom frames he can for all types of riders.

We’ve featured a couple of Lairdframes in the past and have always been blown away.


Now with the milestone of the 200th frame reached (with a special one-off for himself)…it’s a good time to check out this video Mike put together a few months ago.

It walks through the journey Mike took from getting into riding, turning Pro and transitioning into a custom frame builder.

Check it out.





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