BMX: it’s all just a big fashion show

26 04 2012

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but in the last couple of weeks a number of fashion/glamour pictures of riders have surfaced.

Sure, BMX has always been a bit trend-driven. From Swatch watches and neon colors in the 80s to the flannel shirt and beanies of street riders today…BMXers have always had a look.

That being said, I never thought I would see the day that a freestyler, like Matthias Dandois ,would have a full-blown fashion spread in GQ magazine rocking, amongst other things, $2500 suits!

Well that day has come, as you can see by this picture.

And racers aren’t being shy about jumping on the fashion bandwagon either.

Check out this picture of Elite Women’s racer, Miki Iibata posing in decidedly non race apparel (I’m pretty sure those heels aren’t compatible with her clipless pedals!)

Miki Ibata

I’m wondering, is this part of a broader trend?

Are BMXers now considered..<cough, cough>…fashionable?


BMX racing goes to the dogs

29 04 2011

Aluminum frames, carbon fiber forks, clipless pedals…all have been adopted by the racing community in the quest for victory.

When mere equipment upgrades are not enough, some turn to intense fitness regimes and (gasp!) performance-enhancing drugs.

But it takes more to be a champion.

What it takes is heart….and perhaps four quick moving paws.

Calleigh the BMX dog demonstrates.

Are today’s Pros a bunch of candy-asses?

8 04 2011

Sometimes I wonder how BMX racing lost its mojo.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think BMX racing is cool (I’m a racer myself)…but back in the 80s, it seemed to have that little something extra. Which is a little funny when you think about how tracks, bikes and everything else has improved.

Maybe it’s the style of the racing itself.

Or maybe it’s clipless pedals.

According to 4-time ABA #1 Pro, “Pistol Pete”  Loncarevich, both seem to be culprits.

ESPN caught up with him recently and he was very candid on this thoughts about the current state of affairs in the race scene.

Some interesting quotes:

...less confrontational because of clipless pedals… [racing]seldom gets aggressive

…more candy-ass BMX racing now because no one wants to confront each other on the track

Check it out here (sorry it won’t embed…but it’s definitely worth checking out).

Maybe Pistol Pete is on to something.

Or maybe we just need more WWE-style trash talking between motos.

I envision it going something like this:

Bonus info: It’s Pistol Pete’s birthday today. Respect for the legend.

BMX racers vs. ballerinas: Who’s radder?

24 02 2010

Let’s find out!

1) Ballerinas: wear ballet shoes for competition

BMX racers: wear “ballet shoes” (with clipless pedals) for competition

2) Ballerinas: wear tights

BMX racers: wear tights*

*Say what?

Yes, my friends it looks like the end is near.  GT’s Joey Bradford rocked a pair of tights (!) to a Pro Cruiser win at the Gator Nationals on the weekend.

To some this might be called  progression…to me, it’s another sign of the moto (or is it the mojo?) being sucked out of bicycle motocross.