BMX: it’s all just a big fashion show

26 04 2012

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but in the last couple of weeks a number of fashion/glamour pictures of riders have surfaced.

Sure, BMX has always been a bit trend-driven. From Swatch watches and neon colors in the 80s to the flannel shirt and beanies of street riders today…BMXers have always had a look.

That being said, I never thought I would see the day that a freestyler, like Matthias Dandois ,would have a full-blown fashion spread in GQ magazine rocking, amongst other things, $2500 suits!

Well that day has come, as you can see by this picture.

And racers aren’t being shy about jumping on the fashion bandwagon either.

Check out this picture of Elite Women’s racer, Miki Iibata posing in decidedly non race apparel (I’m pretty sure those heels aren’t compatible with her clipless pedals!)

Miki Ibata

I’m wondering, is this part of a broader trend?

Are BMXers now considered..<cough, cough>…fashionable?