BMX racers vs. ballerinas: Who’s radder?

24 02 2010

Let’s find out!

1) Ballerinas: wear ballet shoes for competition

BMX racers: wear “ballet shoes” (with clipless pedals) for competition

2) Ballerinas: wear tights

BMX racers: wear tights*

*Say what?

Yes, my friends it looks like the end is near.  GT’s Joey Bradford rocked a pair of tights (!) to a Pro Cruiser win at the Gator Nationals on the weekend.

To some this might be called  progression…to me, it’s another sign of the moto (or is it the mojo?) being sucked out of bicycle motocross.




5 responses

24 02 2010

Maybe this needs a new category – just plain Foolery. Sure Joey Bradford isnt Japanese? They look for any excuse to wear tights here…

24 02 2010
Jason G

Well, at least he’s rocking shorts over it all. But I agree with you, times is changin’.

24 02 2010

Sorry man….once you put on a pair of tights you have lost the ability to “Rock” anything.

25 02 2010

just wait- we’ll see skin suits at the 2012 olympics.

i might go for the tucked jerseys and trim cut of an 80’s uni… but that’s it haha!!

14 03 2012
ballroom dance wear

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