Sneak Peek: 2014 Sunday Model-C

17 08 2013

Sunday teamed up with Defgrip yesterday to preview the 2014 lineup of Sunday Bikes.

The ground-breaking Model-C is still in the lineup and looks better than ever.

Take a sneak peek of what’s in store from Sunday in 2014.

2014 Sunday Model-C completeAnd here’s a closer look at some of the components.

2014 Model-C complete closeups

Nice looking complete.

(No word yet on when the 2014 model will be made available.)




10 responses

17 08 2013

Too much black. I like the seatpost combo and the bigger bars though. Hopefully all chromo this time around.

28 08 2013

Same size bars as the 2013.

I just got the Tripod seat/post on my 20″. I like it so far, I think it looks pretty clean.

17 08 2013
Pete Tocci

I am def grabbing a 2013 before this comes out. I want some color this time around.

22 08 2013

Agreed. This is just bland, especially after seeing the new Aaron Ross paint-job, or whatever you want to call that beautiful color on the SX+. If I want all black I’ll buy a Stolen Saint…which is what I already have anyway. Wish they had went with female axles, and hoping for a sealed front hub this time around.

Still, I’m sure it’ll be an excellent bike. I don’t even care if it’s part steel. Honestly, most of us on 24″s could ride on modern steel for the next decade without warping or cracking. Seriously, when you consider all the stuff we did on aluminum mountain bikes (or the beginnings of FGFS) combined with advancements in steel, I think the insistence on full chromo is unnecessary unless you’re bombing 8-sets or something.

25 08 2013
Pete Tocci

I bought a 2013 the other day from Dan’s for about $430 shipped with a coupon code. I saw the 2014 MSRP’d at $429, down from $479. Still happy with my purchase, however. In fact, I love it!

26 08 2013

Awesome! Hard to go wrong with anything from Sunday.

7 09 2013

I just bought a 2013 from PlanetBMX for $370 with a Labor Day coupon. Great bike!

7 09 2013

Just checked at Planet BMX is out of the 2013 model. I may have gotten their last one!

27 09 2013
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8 10 2013

I was thinking a saint because I wanted a nice black bike but I see this and think I may grab one and let my girlfriend ride the 2013 I have.

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