Seat posts: where do you stand?

4 04 2012

Seat posts have been getting the shaft in the modern BMX era.  In recent years, seat posts have disappeared nearly as fast as brakes on a new school street bike.

But is the tide starting to turn?

Here and there you will see someone rocking their seat posts proudly…still low by old school standards but higher than what’s been the norm (which for a long time has meant slammed).

Perhaps it’s time to take a poll and find out where you (and your seat post) stand on this issue.




4 responses

4 04 2012
Nick Malyshenko

Ha-Ha, I have integrated seatpost on my frame )

4 04 2012

It depends on which rig I’m rockin’ at the time.

5 04 2012

In the track, slammed. Chillin’ around thr city, tall.

1 06 2012
Kip Count

I had my post about 6.5″ for a while (measured from where the seat-tube ends to where the seat clamp attaches. It LOOKS much higher than it feels. But I’ve since dropped it a couple inches. Seems to be a decent compromise. But when simply riding around, I like it high.

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