Born in the USA

4 07 2011

It’s the 4th of July. In the U.S., that means a celebration of all things American.

On a day like today, even if you’re not American and celebrating Independence Day, you have to respect the companies that are still making a go of it in terms of manufacturing things in North America. And not just making a go of it, but putting out high quality products that are sought out by riders of every stripe.

Not taking anything away from those companies that design products in North America and have them manufactured elsewhere…in many ways, it’s often the better option for doing things.  But you have to respect those companies that choose to take the often harder road of keeping it all in house from start to finish.

You know the big names: S&M, Standard, FBM…their quality speaks for itself…and the smaller companies like Snap and Immortis that are garnering a reputation for themselves  through the pride they take in the craftsmanship of their products. You can find a pretty good listing of these companies on

So if you’re out celebrating today, raise a glass to the fine folks working hard, day after day, to produce American-made BMX products. Cheers guys!




5 responses

5 07 2011

Maybe my browser is not working right, but like half of those company’s web sites are inactive (maybe they moved overseas) lol

7 07 2011

uhm… profile??!?!

and that picture of the girl looks faked- the light on her face and arm flashing the peace sign don’t jibe with the rest of the image….

i know i know… who cares?

12 07 2011

Profile! Yes..that should definitely be on the list.

11 07 2011

that p[icture is of jessica simpson. im sure its airbrushed. but either way she’s smokin hot.

7 01 2012

where can I buy the bikini with the american flag? i love it so much

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