Serious flatland moves on a 24″

28 06 2011

The dynamic flatland duo of Joe Cicman and Danny Sirkin are back with a followup to the first edition of TwoFourFlat (that we featured here last month).

And holy Martin Aparijo!  A grip ride 20 seconds in is just the start of the flatland trickery and antics in this great clip.

Check it out.




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28 06 2011
Joe Cicman

Yo! What’s up 🙂

Thanks a TON for posting this – I’m super-psyched on it and way motivated. This site is awesome!

Cruisers are so much fun for riding flatland. It’s like riding a massive gyroscope – but when you pull something, it feels all the more rewarding.


28 06 2011

joe, it’s great to see you doing this. felt like i was the only one.
have you seen the TRIBUTE 24″ ? with a super short back end, i think you would really dig it….

mine’s in this thread:
Just for fun 24inch flatland build

29 06 2011
Joe Cicman

@CMC Yeah! Dude – I know your stuff, I just didn’t put two & two together until I read this thread and recognized your video and your home town.

30 06 2011

no bout adoubt it… them fellers can ride!

sadly, the “fails and bails” segment pretty much sums up my freestyle career….

7 07 2011
30 07 2011

that steve jensen stuff is pretty sick.

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