KOS Kruiser makes a comeback

9 06 2011

It appears that Mongoose is taking a page out of the SE bikes marketing handbook.

Not only are they offering bikes for the modern-day rider  like the new 24 we featured earlier but also bikes that are more retro-style, befitting its long heritage in BMX, like the updated KOS Kruiser.

You might remember the new 24″ Mongoose has in the pipeline. Trent Brocker and Moody have been seen putting that bike through its paces so you know it’s going to hold up to modern-day riding.

Now to capture that end of the market that remembers the origins of the sport, they’re reintroducing the KOS Kruiser.

Named after Jeff Kosmala, the dominant cruiser rider of the late 70s/early 80s, it was a bike that was piloted to many a championship win.

Kosmala taking care of business (vintage BMX Action shot)

And while it retains its classic retro looks (hello looptail!) it’s been updated to take advantage of the improvements that have happened over the decades since its original release. Think sealed everything, v-brakes and an integrated headtube. They even go so far as to put on an aftermarket ACS freewheel–a nice touch given the tendency of generic freewheels to give up the ghost without warning (and often at the most inopportune time).  The motomag sprocket is pretty sweet too.

Sure it wouldn’t be what you would want to thrash the streets with–it wasn’t meant for that. This bike is for cruising in the truest sense of the word.

Think of it as bike that’s in the same class as the Macneil retro style cruisers. Mongoose’s advantage though is the retro-cool factor of its look combined with Mongoose’s deep legacy in the sport and Jeff Kosmala’s iconic standing as one of the dominant cruiser riders of his era.

For more pics of the updated KOS Kruiser, check out this Flickr photostream.




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10 06 2011

What’s the story on the Oakley B-1Bs?

10 06 2011

According to the Mongoose Flickr photostream writeup: “For this run of 12 Limited bikes we’ve gone all-out with Oakley B1B grips. Production bikes will get black Odyssey Chase Hawk grips.”

11 06 2011

Having not been involved in racing in the early years of BMX, my only association with this bike would be the old codger in the movie Rad when he had his coffee knocked out of his hands riding a similar one. It doesn’t really grab me otherwise so maybe I will like it when I am 68 years old.

12 06 2011

Are those 24 or 26″ wheels on it. Difficult to tell from the picture and no info on the Mongoose sight.

12 06 2011

Are those 24 or 26″ wheels on it. Difficult to tell from the picture and no info on the Mongoose sight.
Also check this out

12 06 2011

26″ wheels…it was from the era when people still rode 26″ wheels in the cruiser class.

12 06 2011

What did you make of the 2012 kos cruiser in the link – 26″ modern geo. I haven’t it before but oddly, there is no mention of it on the Mongoose site, at least not one I can find.

13 06 2011

Don’t have a lot of details on the geo…will try to find out more info.

13 06 2011

See this thread, the experts over on Ridemonkey think the link has the wrong piccy.
Even so the 24″ is interesting as is that 26″ from Volume bikes.

14 06 2011

I think the pic in the link mentioned in the Ridemonkey thread is incorrect.
The 24″ bike shown there is probably the production version of the prototype that I did the post on earlier (https://cruiserrevolution.com/2011/04/28/more-dirt-on-the-mongoose-24-prototype/) .

24 02 2012
Watch this video: Know Your Roots « cruiser revolution

[…] his abrupt departure). I was especially stoked to see a segment on Jeff Kosmala and his signature KOS Kruiser–which Mongoose re-issued last year–and their collective impact on the cruiser class of […]

18 04 2012

It’s a cool bike, purchased it on first sighting. Rides very well, handles like a train on tracks… Those 26″ wheels big thumbs up. BUT (isn’t there always one) quality of parts is disgusting. Support from distributor is worse. I’ve literally thrown away the bike and money.

27 06 2012
Cool pics from Mongoose…just be KOS « cruiser revolution

[…] Mongoose posted some cool cruiser-related pics on their Facebook feed today including this one by Mongoose rider Chris Akrigg letting loose on his KOS Kruiser. […]

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