Goldilocks and the three Redlines

1 06 2011

My apologies to fans of the classic tale.

One early summer morning, when the Redline engineers were away on a team-building exercise, Goldilocks wandered into the Redline bike design area after seeing an open door off to the side of Redline’s corporate offices.  A bike enthusiast by nature, she decided to walk around and look at the wide array of cycling goodies in the room.

As she strolled through the bikes, she tried on some of the gear that was on display and occasionally pulled on a brake lever or two to test the brakes of the bikes (it was something she did almost instinctively when she was checking out bikes at bike shops).

Goldilocks looks for a Redline that's just right

Growing restless, she was about to leave when she saw the 20″ Redline Device in the corner. “Wow, what a nice bike” she said aloud, “but a little undersized for my tastes.”

She put the bike down and wandered down another aisle. There she spotted another Device, the 26″ version. “Hmmm,” she thought to herself, “nice, but this seems a little too big.” She leaned it back against the wall where it was standing and looking around some more.

“You know what would be ‘just right’?, she said to no one in particular, “A 24″ Device“.

Just then, the door to the room opened and the main lights were flicked on,  “What’s going on here?”

(Like this story, the 24″ Redline Device is a pure fantasy…but should it be?…a 24″ Device is a bike that should be in Redline’s lineup.)




2 responses

1 06 2011

i totally agree. i love redlines. some of the new school riders don’t have the love for redlines like us old school guys but redlines are still one of the best made bikes around. a 24″ device would be awesome and i would be a proud owner if they were real. but it was hard to read this story cuz all i could do is stare at goldilocks. LoL

1 06 2011

I agree Mike, in my opinion RL has always had the sweetest geometry. As for Goldilocks just remember…when the red light’s on the porch, use the back door! hahaha

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