RL Osborn would be proud

2 02 2011

Stumbled across this build the other day on bmxmuseum.com.

This guy did a great job of transforming a regular 24″ race bike into a cool looking 24″ version of one of the iconic freestyle bikes of the the 1980s, the Redline RL-20II.

Hard to believe that it started off a 2000 Redline John Purse Signature Series 24.

Check out this “before” picture:

Pretty amazing what Rustoleum Key Lime paint, Forklifter bars and some creativity will get you. You can follow the build of the bike on this bmxmuseum.com thread.




5 responses

2 02 2011

Hey, that’s mine. I’m honored its up here. It was something I threw together for the Winter Build Off this past year. BTW, its for sale. Gotta start a new project.

2 02 2011

The bike looks great!

If you need some CR stickers for your next build, drop me a line at cruiserrevolution@gmail.com

27 05 2011

Do you by chance know what size rims and wheels are needed for the 2000 Redline John Purse Signature Series? Or can you tell me which ones will fit?


2 02 2011

Looks good,way better than when it was a racing bike.

4 03 2011

dude my first bmx bike was a redline with that same paint style but in blue and black. i loved that bike. this cruiser looks RAD

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