Haro Race LT 24: first look

7 02 2011

Doran Bradshaw, team manager for Morphine Industries, has been riding a (yet to be released) Haro Race LT 24 for a while now and a thread just went up on vintagebmx.com with a pic of  his bike.

This is a good-looking machine.

Haro has certainly stepped up their “race” game in recent years with great handling bikes and this 24 shows that they don’t plan on stopping in 2011.

Doran Bradshaw's Haro Race LT 24

Sharing many of the same features of the 20″ version but sized up (it has a 21.7″ top tube) this might just be one of the more popular bikes out on the track this year.

Looking forward to seeing how it rides.

Word has it that it will be released some time in the spring.



2 responses

16 02 2011

Would’ve liked to have seen it with some lightweight cro-mo forks though…

5 06 2011
Doran Bradshaw

Thanks for the write up! -And those forks are history! See a recent pic from Nashville on our FB page here;

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