Tried, tested and true

25 11 2010

A scientific theory must be testable.

It must be possible in principle to prove it wrong.

Experiments are the sole judge of scientific truth.

Is it true that Liquid frames rule on the trails?

Check out this old photo of Jeremy from Liquid Bikes testing a Liquid Feedback frame prototype.

I think we have the scientific proof right here.

Science can be fun.




5 responses

25 11 2010

whoa- i tripped out for a second…

i thought he was boostin’ in flip flops!

26 11 2010

Hate to come against your nearly indisputable evidence there but I saw the video you posted of him before and I think this dude could do that on an 81 Motomag bike wearing flip flops.

He bleeds style.

3 12 2010

I have to agree, Steve. If I am not mistaken he rides almost exclusively in Vans slip-ons so I think I have to agree with your conclusion. That being said, every time I see a liquid bike in action it looks killer.

6 12 2010

OK, OK…you’re both right.
Jeremy probably could shred trails on a 81 Motomag bike wearing flip flops.

But as Jayrow points out, whenever you see a Liquid bike in action it looks killer (and people that ride them really seem to love them).

18 12 2010

I ride liquid and love it so much. best 24 i have tried so far. I rock the liquid bars also.

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