SE heads into 2011 with classic style

4 08 2010

Maybe I’m an old school fool after all.

SE bikes has been releasing pictures of their soon-to-be-released 2011 lineup and this 24″ Quadangle looptail is one that I can’t take my eyes off of.

Gold anodized components, tall handlebars and skinwall tires…it hits all the right buttons for me.

Whoever said that “looking good is half the battle” must be right because I have no idea what the geometry or weight of this bike is and yet I still want it.




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4 08 2010

Looks nice. I had an ’08 SE/DC Quadangle last summer. I like the idea of the taller bars. Mine had the short bars and it was pretty uncomfortable, especially since it had a short TT. I was always hitting my knees on the stem. The specs are listed on their site…. as far as I know, they only change the color scheme from year to year, not the geometry.

4 08 2010

An SE cruiser with new school geometry would be bad ass.I’d like to an SE at the skatepark instead of the track.

5 08 2010

ugghh, i thought we were past this quad angles? Dress em up however you want, it still looks like crap.

9 08 2010

Me too. I’d love a quad or Ripper with new school geo. That would be the ideal.

30 08 2010

It’s too bad the BB flexes. Seems sketchy when your 200 lbs. They should use one large down tube or even a delta configuration.

20 04 2012
Chris Bickley

Its a retro classic, thats why its still the same as the 85 jig.
I wanted one of these so badly back in the day, lovely bike in every way, as for saying it still looks crap, beauty is the eye of the beholder.
And i’d say you were definitely in the minority.
Old skooler like me is very happy this saw the light of day.

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