Big crash in cruiser main at UCI Worlds

4 08 2010


Clipping in not only makes you faster but it also makes your crashes more spectacular too.

Check it out…there’s even slow-mo so you can cringe (or chuckle) a few more times.



6 responses

5 08 2010

Interesting way to learn front flips.

I think I will keep my flats thanks.

5 08 2010
Jason G

Not one, but two clipped in flips! Synchronized too!

5 08 2010

WOW!,that’s WOW!

5 08 2010

That’s gonna leave a mark…

5 08 2010

eeek! gotta pay the toll to rock and roll, i guess.

17 02 2011
3 crazy cruiser crashes caught on video « cruiser revolution

[…] These days the only BMX riders using clips are racers. It’s only fitting then┬áthat the Junior Men’s Cruiser final at the UCI Worlds showcased a tribute to Yanez’s pioneering efforts. A stunning demonstation of flips in his […]

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