Is Accelerate the new RAD?

4 05 2010

Long a cult classic, RAD is both loved and hated by the BMX community. No matter what your opinion of the movie, if you’re a BMX rider you’ve seen this movie…probably more than once (in my case…probably more times than you can count). BMX Bandits, featuring a young Nicole Kidman, is pretty cheesy in its own right, but RAD took things to a whole other level.

Now over two decades later, another BMX movie is in the works: Accelerate. Will it live up (or stoop) to the standard set by RAD?  Too early to tell.  But I did read on their  site that Bill Allen who played Cru Jones in RAD will be appearing in the Accelerate movie. For a BMX geek like myself, that’s already enough reason to see the movie (just kidding…sort of). In the mean time, check out the trailer to get a taste for what will hit the big screen in 2011.




5 responses

5 05 2010

i love rad so much that i actually watched the 9 minute intro video even though i have the dvd right here.

18 05 2010
Shane Luciow

Can I have my VHS copy of Rad back yet?

18 05 2010

LOL…you’ll have to talk to Andy about that!

6 12 2011

This get released?
Just watched RAD w/ my middle-schoolers a couple weeks ago.
They liked it ok, cheese & all, but the wife got up & left.
Her loss 🙂

6 12 2011

Last I heard, the release was moved out to some time in 2012.

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