School is always in session

28 01 2010

Old school.     New school.

Do those distinctions even matter for a guy like Stu Thomsen..still kicking ass after all these years?


For Stompin’ Stu, school is always in session.

This shot says it all: catching air and going fast.

Some things never change.




4 responses

5 02 2010

ok…i’m 33 and i use to ride a redline team cruiser back in the day. i rode till i was 25 then stopped and sold my bke. i was pretty good back then and just recently got back into it. i bought a bike off my brother which is a 2004 free agent hell cat 24″. ok, this thing is heavy as hell. i use to be able to bunny hop onto a picnic bench no sweat. now i can barely get up a nice size curb. Since i’ve been away from the scene for 8 years the frame geometry has really changed. the hell cat seems like the top tube is much shorter and it feels awkward. can anyone suggest a nice loooong cruiser frame decently priced that would suit a 6’1″ rider like myself?

6 02 2010

For the price, check out the Free Agent Devil 24. It’s full Cromo. The weight is deceptive, it flies.

7 02 2010

I just measured the Specialized Vegas 24, 22″ top tube center to center. Also full cromo, made in USA, and a f&f sold on eBay last month for $25!

11 02 2010

Not sure what your budget is, but the Liquid frame (in the post before this one) has a nice long front end.

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