First look: Sunday Model C3 frame

21 01 2015

We first spotted this frame back in September at Interbike amongst the other new stuff on display from Sunday.

At the time, this frame was being promoted as a full cro-mo version of the frame on the Model C complete, at a more affordable pricepoint  than the Wave-C frame.

Sunday Model C3This frame is exactly those things. Gone are the wave tubing and wishbone back end of the Wave-C but what remains is a frame that shares the same geo of that iconic frame but is much more accessible to the masses.

new sunday backendTrent Brocker has built one of these frames up and it looks pretty dialed!

Sunday Model C3 buildI think we’ll start seeing more of these frames built up very soon!

Sunday Model C3 seat tube
For full specs and information on this frame, check the Full Factory site.

(Pics courtesy of Trent Brocker & Full Factory)