Dig & The Albion: keeping print relevant

17 10 2012

I had the opportunity to pick up a couple issues of The Albion during my recent trip to the west coast and I was frankly blown away by how good of a magazine it was.

Chock full of great interviews with legends like Bob Haro to modern-day shredders like Van Homan. And these were not the typical cookie cutter interviews so typical today…you can tell the guys behind The Albion are trying to raise the level of BMX journalism (if there is such a thing). Going a little deeper than just the surface stuff and giving you a real sense about the ‘whole person’ being interviewed and not just their persona they show to the BMX world.

Perhaps influenced by The Albion’s growing notoriety, DIG has really stepped up their game as well.

Their latest installment, #90, is called “The Legends” issue. Featuring four collectible covers, one each of: Brian Foster, Ruben Alcantara, Joe Rich, and Van Homan.

Like The Albion, this latest issue of Dig is filled with great interviews of the four legends on the cover, along with the “people, places, and events that have inspired and shaped BMX and [Dig] magazine since [the] first issue in 1993”. The magazine does a great job of both looking back and also capturing the energy of the current moment in BMX.

In a time when print seems to be looked on as something bordering on irrelevant — given the reach and immediacy of online and video — it’s good to see people putting the time and effort into the print medium and keeping it fresh, real and something that can still move and inspire us.




3 responses

17 10 2012

Yes fully agree. I have all copies of the Albion and a subscription (it’s amazingly cheap and superb value). DIG has blatantly copied them. Love the magazine and really wish them good luck. Hope they do some articles on cruisers soon as well to highlight us older folks :))
Seriously though, The Albion is a really good grown up read about what makes BMX tick. If you get down to your local bike shop it’s free as well!!

22 03 2013

Yes! Dig, started in 1993 and on issue 90, has blatantly copied Albion, on issue 12 started a couple of years back. Reminds me of that old Bill Hicks joke about Dennis Leary.

21 11 2012

I seen the Albion a few months back at a bike shop in palm desert ca. I thought it was a catalog it was so thick. I have yet to subscribe to it but I hope soon . I like it better than ride bmx.

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