4130 Subway Series is pure BMX

14 10 2010

These days with riders going off at the X-Games, the Dew Tour and in crazy web edits it’s easy to forget the simpler aspects of BMX.

Like cruising the neighborhood with friends.

Nothing quite replaces the joy of roaming the streets, hitting spots and feeling free as you roll along on your bike.

The 4130 Club has captured all those things in their monthly rides.

This is BMX in its purest form.





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14 10 2010

Very cool,I wanna go.

14 10 2010

Would love to have something like that in the bayarea.

14 10 2010

My first cruiser was a GHP… back the 85/85… I saved for a year to get that frame. I loved that bike.

18 10 2010

You should come Jason, two months back 4130 (GAVE AWAY). a brand new GHP cruiser frame. All ya gotta do is show up for the ride.

15 10 2010

I’ve been goin on 4130 SSR since June and it’s pure two wheel mayhem with almost 300 chromies clogging up the streets of LA. I highly recommend going if you can make it. We get peeps from AZ, NV, SF and SD. Great times had by all!

17 10 2010

Yeah man the subway series is off the hook. Haven’t actually gone yet but i’ve watched every video and seen every picture on it. We are planning a trip out there in the near future. We are trying to get the same thing going on in vegas. Should be fun.

18 10 2010

Purely BMX, how it should be haha.

Quick question, whats a good place to get some quality 24″ wheels at a decent price? Thanks guys!

20 10 2010

I’ve been on the past two 4130 Subway Series rides and just attended the 4130 Chromoly Cup track day / bbq held at Sycamore BMX in Simi Valley. It was a fun day of open track shenannigans and good peeps. The Subway Series rides are awesome and a lot of fun. You really see an impressive gathering of old-school rides and even some old-school riders come out. Ridin’ with the OM on the last one was a real treat! The next ride will be held in Long Beach in coordination with the 40 Years Of BMX event.
Check it out here: http://40yearsofbmx.com/
Woo Hoo! and here’s to another 40 Years! I’ll be needing a sidehack at age 80 just to have the 3-wheel configuration to keep me upright! Ha Ha.

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16 10 2018

Hi I’m from Diamond Bar Ca. And would like to ride in the next 4130 BMX ride, who would I need to contact to find out when the next ride is. I ride a “BIG RIPPER” and I am looking forward to joining fellow BMX enthusiasts on the next ride.

16 10 2018

I would recommend joining The 4130 Subway Series BMX Ride Facebook group for details on their upcoming rides.

Have a great time!

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