Age is just a number

12 10 2011

While we’ve featured (really) old guys who ride before, by and large they’ve been racers.

That got me thinking about the freestyle/park guys…

Are the freestyle/park guys going to be able to hang when they start hitting 50?

Well, it looks likes I got my answer.

Check out this park rider, pushing 60, and still out there getting rad!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I especially like crossbar pad he’s rocking. (Told ya they were making a comeback.)




5 responses

12 10 2011


must be great to have a kid to ride with!

12 10 2011
David Monroe

I hope I’m at least half as cool as this guy when I’m his age.

13 10 2011

This is some wicked news, I’m 42 and thought it was a little strange that I cant see myself ever wanting to give up the 24’s after a decades of being on 20’s, now I know that I’ll be rolling to my grave!

14 10 2011

Awesome! Now I feel really young at 44. Hope I can keep riding till past 60.

31 12 2011
Top ten of 2011 « cruiser revolution

[…] their 24″ bikes.  From the older cruiser classes in racing to a skatepark rider proving that age is just a number it’s great to see that there is no age cut-off for having […]

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