It’s not easy being green

8 05 2011

Thinking about dear ol’ Mom the other day, a memory came back to me about a story she told me when I was a teenager.

My mom had gotten together with a group of other moms, I think it might have been a church group or something, and they were talking about a bunch of things and the topic of cleaning products came up (stereotypical I know, but bear with me).

One mom mentioned Simple Green and was raving about it. All the moms had something to say and then my mom piped up, “Oh Simple Green, that’s what the boys use to clean the brake pads on their bikes.”

No one else had kids into BMX, so from what I understand, the reaction was essentially, “What the…..”

Still makes me smile when I think of that story.

Thanks Mom, it hasn’t always been easy.  But you’ve always been there for me. Even if when it was just  looking out the window and watching me clean my brake pads.

Thanks Mom.




5 responses

9 05 2011

I have a gallon of concentrate under my sink,I think it makes 60 quarts for 10 dollars.Never used it on brake pads but will now.

10 05 2011

I started using it back in the day because I had read some factory guy singing its praises in Freestylin’ magazine and that it made his brakes work better for flatland. Back then I was rocking mags, caliper brakes and a spinning device..I needed all the help I could get to make my brakes work halfway decent…

10 05 2011

So being the total newb I am, how often should I clean my brakes? I’ve been out jumping every day and I’m sure they’re probably filthy, but they seeem to work fine. Any help in answering is appreciated. Thanks!

10 05 2011

Just every once in a while…if you’re brakes are working fine I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

10 05 2011

Cool. Good to know and thanks! I’m such a newb. Granted, a 30 year old newb, but newb none-the-less. 😀

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