Renthal reboots the race cruiser bar

16 03 2011

While many in the BMX race world cling for dear life to traditional cruiser bars, it looks like Renthal is ready to mix things up.

A relative newcomer to the BMX race scene, Renthal has long history in motocross.

Red Division, my cruiser blog brother from another (Spanish) mother, is reporting that Keith Wilson from Dialed Bikes is sporting a pair of prototype Renthal bars with a bolt-on crossbar reminiscent of its motorcycle bars. (Keith placed 4th in 45+ cruiser at the 2010 World Cup. )

I have to wonder if there are flex and/or durability issues. It seems to work for them in the motorcycle world so I’m very interested to see how this type of handlebar fares in the bar-banging world of BMX racing.




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16 03 2011

This only makes sense to me. I will buy these.

16 03 2011

Sorry guys, he’s running a carbon fork, I can’t worry too much about his bars. Renthal has got him covered! Like them, They have some cool sprockets and grips, too. You have to make motorcycle noises when you ride them!

16 03 2011

My bike must be decked out in Renthal shit…. I make motorcycle noises all day when I ride.

16 03 2011

Renthal made BMX bars back in the 80s so I’m glad they’re coming back as I loved my old Renthal bars.

17 03 2011

I just read something that said they were mainly distributed in the UK back in the day…not sure if that’s true but I don’t remember seeing these in the magazines, etc. back in the 80s.

I do remember a company called Galindo having a version of this though…

21 03 2011

I’m in Ireland and would have got them from the UK. I feel special now ; )

16 03 2011

The lack of welding in most cases, makes the metal stronger.

17 03 2011

Looks like the mid 90’s Answer Alumilites Cruiser bars. Anything that makes these different?

17 03 2011

Like these:

17 03 2011

Not sure…don’t really have any details at this point. Hoping someone from Renthal will see this and give us some insight.

20 03 2011

what’s most intriguing…
is that most of those guys seem to be on phlat pedals!

12 09 2011
Keith Wilson

We had a ‘Gentlemans agreement’ in 2010 to all ride flat pedals, but it expired in 2011 and almost everyone is clipped in now.

The bars are still going strong and have some battle scars but remain in perfect shape, they take the sting out of any harsh landings and have more backsweep than a traditional bmx bar, this helps me get off the back of the bike and i can double and triple manual with so much more ease now!!!

26 03 2012

What Kal said is right. I had a pair of Renthals on my Torker 280x back in ’83.

27 08 2012
Eddie C

I was sponsored by Renthal back in the early 90’s and ran these same bars on my 20″. I remember having to replace them every week because the crossbar clamp kept getting loose and I would get some flex on the gate. If they have fixed that then they are actually some pretty nice bars.

28 08 2012
keith wilson

As with most bmx components these are significantly better than the 80/90’s versions of them.
Liam Phillips was running the 20″ version of them at the 2012 Olympics…

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