All in the family: the Shipp stable of bikes

13 01 2011

After checking out Cruiser Revolution for a while, Andy Shipp made the decision a few months ago to get his first cruiser. He went with a 2011 Mirraco 20forty.  Full chromoly construction was a big selling point and it was well spec’d for the price.

His wife ended up liking his new 24 so much, she bought a DK Cygnus cruiser for herself!  (Andy and his wife have two young sons…wonder if they’re going to be able to keep up to Mom and Dad?)

However, after riding the Mirraco for a short while, Andy decided that he needed to make a change.

He realized he would be happier on a frame with new school geometry, one  that was more suited to his style of riding.

The Sunday Model C fit the bill perfectly.

He tracked down a new Model-C frame for a great price and did a frame swap. (Perhaps inspired by the DIY complete post?)

Andy says his new 21.75″ Sunday feels much more like what he remembers from his 20″ days, only smoother and more comfortable.

Andy's bike before the frame swap

And his Sunday turned out really nice!  The red components really pop next to the silver frame.

Here’s what it looks like now.

Andy and his 24

Check out the Shipp’s his and hers stable bikes. Riding in style!

The Shipp stable of bikes

Both Andy and his wife’s rides are sporting Cruiser Revolution stickers, and they have turned on a few other folks to cruisers and Cruiser Revolution (thanks guys!).

Andy seems pretty stoked that he’s taken the plunge into the world of cruisers…and that enthusiasm has clearly spread to the rest of the family. I just heard that they added a new bike to the collection,  A DK Kvant for their oldest son.




11 responses

13 01 2011

Gotta love the cloud 9 seat on the DK.The bike looks good Andy..

18 01 2011

It did make me cringe a bit when she bought it. But I have to say in all fairness, it is SUPER comfy…!

13 01 2011

I don’t suppose he would be interested in selling me that mirraco frame……..

18 01 2011

I would LOVE to sell the Mirraco frame. It’s basically brand new, and taking up space in my office. I also have a second Model-C frame (a green 21.25″ TT), brand new in the box, collecting dust with the 20Forty.
I bid on the green one, but didn’t think I’d win, so I got impatient and bought the silver frame elsewhere. As luck would have it, I ended up winning the auction! Both of them need to go (I’m told)!

18 01 2011

I don’t know if you have a pinkbike account, but you could pm me on there. I don’t want to clog up this forum with business. my pinkbike account is linked at the top of this post. thanks for the reply! I was going to buy a mirraco 20forty locally, swap the frame and fork out on my dk cygnus, and then sell it, but that deal fell through when my friend bought it instead. :S right now I’m buying another 20″ to replace my old fit that was stolen. when that is over with, I’d love to buy the frame!

14 01 2011

What bars does he have on?

18 01 2011

They’re SINZ 2-pc with an 8″ rise, 28″ width, 12 degree backsweep, 2 degree upsweep. Seems to be just about right for me.

18 01 2011

Oh,you have the 8″ bars on?DOesnt it get too “tall”?I thought lowe rbars were more suitable for such frame.(im down fo rthe 8 ” bars anyway!)

14 01 2011

I plan on doing the same thing with my Mod-C complete.Hope to get the Wave-C frame

18 01 2011

I’m stoked with the way the Model-C turned out. It rides great, looks good, and fits perfectly! I got a lot of motivation to build it up from reading Cruiser Revolution, so thanks!
Keep up the good work, Ed! You’ve got a great site here.

20 01 2011

looks good andy!

how much for your green mod-c?!?!

hey not for nothing folks, but the DK cygnus is a great deal for the money… upgrade as you wear parts out and you got yourself a schweeet ride.

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