Another cruiser convert…

30 01 2010

Spotted a great thread on yesterday called I rode a cruiser tonight at the track…and it was fun! written by a guy that usually rides only a 20″.

Sounds like he’s seen the light:

I rode my friend’s cruiser just to get some laps in. Well I ended up riding it all night. I absolutely loved every second of it. Jumps smooth, manuals soooo easy. I was just totally in love.

I had a similar experience…after riding a 20″ for most of my BMX “career”, I visited a BMX track while staying with my girlfriend’s family and was lent a Haro 24  to take a couple laps. It felt amazing and couldn’t believe what I had been missing…it’s been cruisers for me ever since.

If you’re reading this site you’re probably already a convert but it’s still nice to see people showing some love to cruisers on other sites too.  The thread is currently up to 3 pages, so check it out and join the conversation. Spread the word…Cruisers rock!

One of the people participating in the thread, BS, also posted a picture of himself taking care of business as part of the discussion. Love it because it reminds of lazy summer afternoon trails sessions…nice!




4 responses

2 02 2010

Conversion was great! I went from 26 to 24, tho. I think if mtb guys gave it a try they’d all switch. Unless your going for comfort, a cruiser just make sense!

3 02 2010

getting back into bmx after 10 yrs. rode my old 20″ and felt real cramped so got on a 24″ and it felt more natural, more so than the little bike. jumping, racing, and cruising on a 24″ is much more comfortable and stable. i can do everything i used to do on my 24″. 24’s for life…..

13 02 2010

just picked up a cruiser this summer to compliment my 20in. a WeThePeople Avenue to be exact. rides like a dream. i’ve literally brought both bikes to the park or trails and have been able to switch back and forth with no problem. New cruisers rock!!!!

15 02 2010

WeThePeople have been putting out great cruisers for a while now. Take a look at the post below if you want to check out what they’ve done in the past few years…


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