Turn heads with Trickstar-inspired 24

9 10 2010

If you’ve ever thought about a Trickstar-inspired cruiser, or were a fan of Woody Itson‘s pink Trickstar back in the day, this may be the bike for you. Check out the front end in the pictures below for the obvious Hutch Trickstar influence.

Japan’s online BMX store, W-Base teamed up with x-girl (a clothing company) to create this limited edition cruiser. Only 100 were made and they have been available since April from online store Calif.

Two versions are available:

Neon pink with white forks

Matte white with pink forks

There are silver, blue and black components throughout on both versions.




6 responses

9 10 2010

Are you kidding me? That is a sick cruiser. is it a hutch? I am not sure if i’m seeing the whole article cuz i’m on my phone

9 10 2010

It’s not a Hutch but it definitely has a Hutch Trickstar influence. If you added some Hutch stickers and switched out some parts you could have a cool retro build.

9 10 2010

Standard has built some Trickstar styled frames and I did ask them if they would build a cruiser and they said they could. I would think the quality would be a lot higher than these but so would the expense.

Here is a thread on the “Rickstar” which was Rick Moliterno’s Trickstar inspired bike until a BMX Museum member acquired it.

I have debated whether to ask SBC to build me a Trickstar inspired 24″ with Model C inspired geometry.

13 10 2010

I remember seeing something on the Rickstar a while back…a Trickstar-inspired 24 built by SBC would be awesome!

11 10 2010

Trickstar in the front.Doublecross in the rear.

12 10 2010

“…with Model C inspired geometry.”

That would be the only way to build it… if you wanted to make it park ride-able.

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