If you’re going to San Francisco…

7 07 2011

If you’re going to be in San Francisco area next week…be sure to check out the second annual Golden Gate Bridge (GGB) Ride!

Organized by Trent Brocker, it’s going down July 16, starting off at the Clocktower (aka Ferry Building) at 11am.

Join Trent Brocker for the 2nd annual Golden Gate Bridge Ride

And it looks like it’s going to be a blast! There will be giveaway prizes for best endo, longest manual and longest bunnyhop.

Bring your A Game for the endo contest though…Trent has mad bar endo skills (see above) and will be tough to beat!

Contact Trent at chfrcka@yahoo.com for all the particulars.

Take it to the bridge

21 06 2011

If there’s a camera and a bridge nearby, Trent Brocker will knock out a great photo.

It’s no lie.

For more proof, check out the photo in this post.

More dirt on the Mongoose 24″ prototype

28 04 2011

Back in February, you might remember the post we did about Moody riding the new Mongoose 24″ prototype.

Now that Mongoose is getting closer to production I can give you more of the scoop on the new 24.

Not-so-great spy photo of new 24" Mongoose

As far as “spy photos” go, this isn’t the best (it was shot with a wide angle lens and it’s a bit distorted) but it should give you a relatively good idea of what this whip is going to look like.


  • Top tube: 21.75″
  • Head Angle: 74.5 degrees
  • Seat Angle: 71 degrees
  • Bottom Bracket: 13.6″

Did I mention that it’s going to be offered as a complete bike with a full chromoly frame and fork?  No? Well it is. (Hallelujah!)

Other highlights:

  • Removable brake mounts
  • Chromoly 3-piece cranks
  • 8″ handlebars
  • Sealed BB
  • Sealed cassette hub
  • Pivotal seat
  • Odyssey grips and pedals.

To make up for the less-than-stellar spy shot, I’ll leave you with this, friend of Cruiser Revolution, Trent Brocker riding the Mongoose prototype at the recent Woodward Old School Reunion. Radness!

Picture disclaimers:

Every picture tells a story

20 08 2010

I don’t even know where to begin with this photo.

Taken during Trent B’s (goride09) recent Golden Gate Bridge ride, it’s such a classic picture.

From the the trick itself (when’s the last time you saw someone uncork a bar endo?), the Golden Gate Bridge in the background to the extended hand for extra style points…

This pic has got it all.

So good.

Trent B bar endo

Den Dowling is the man behind the camera. Check out his Flickr photostream for more pics of Trent and the Golden Gate Bridge ride.