SE offers a sneak peek of 2012

5 08 2011

In case you missed it, Todd Lyons started a thread on BMXMuseum offering sneak peaks of SE’s 2012 line. I have to tell you, they have some seriously sweet looking rides.

If retro/old school is your thing (or you’ve been in this BMX game since ‘back in the day’) I bet your already salivating at this beauty…a chromed-out OM Flyer. Serious old school awesomeness here.

If you’re looking for a serious race machine (with some old school flair) look no further than the 2012 Floval Flyer. As you know, the 2011 version that we tested recently was pretty impressive.

SE managed to shave even more weight off it for 2012 making it possibly the lightest production 24″ on the market…and that’s without carbon forks! Slimmed down Landing Gear grace the front end giving you peace of mind if you occasionally case a jump or two.

Hopefully we’ll see a better pic of the Floval Flyer soon.

In any event, check out the thread at BMXMuseum. Looks like SE has some good stuff going on for 2012.