Don’t skip lunch

10 01 2011

As you get older, it sometimes seems harder to fit in riding time.

Be it work, family or other obligations finding the time to ride can be a challenge.

But not riding…well, that’s not really an option either, right?

The solution?  Opening your eyes.

Just like you could probably spot a cool riding spot — like a bank to wall or a nice ledge — something that most non-BMX folks would overlook , you have to do the same with your schedule.

Could you ride to work? Practice your manuals and catch some air off curb cuts as you head into the ol’ 9-5.

Maybe grab your bike for a late night street or flatland session.

It’s all about finding the gap here and there in your schedule. Get creative.

Bike industry guys sometimes have to work riding into their days too.

If you work at Sunday, you find the gap on the way back from your usual lunch spot.

Make it happen.