Don’t skip lunch

10 01 2011

As you get older, it sometimes seems harder to fit in riding time.

Be it work, family or other obligations finding the time to ride can be a challenge.

But not riding…well, that’s not really an option either, right?

The solution?  Opening your eyes.

Just like you could probably spot a cool riding spot — like a bank to wall or a nice ledge — something that most non-BMX folks would overlook , you have to do the same with your schedule.

Could you ride to work? Practice your manuals and catch some air off curb cuts as you head into the ol’ 9-5.

Maybe grab your bike for a late night street or flatland session.

It’s all about finding the gap here and there in your schedule. Get creative.

Bike industry guys sometimes have to work riding into their days too.

If you work at Sunday, you find the gap on the way back from your usual lunch spot.

Make it happen.



18 responses

10 01 2011

isn’t that a 22″ sunday cruiser? I saw that on their website. I hope they start to bring out parts geared for 22″ bikes. I can imagine lots of people would be happy if 22″ rims and tires are easy to come by.

10 01 2011

It is the Sunday Wave C which is a 24″ wheeled bike. We are not planning on doing any sort of 22″ wheeled bicycle. We like the 24″ wheels and are planning on doing everything we can to continue to make the Model C better and better.

10 01 2011

If it is a 22,it would be the 22 inch top tube, NOT WHEEL, prototype,I think.Jim,you crazy MF..,cool pic.

10 01 2011

Is that the Target on 183?

That bike felt great out at the nut. 100% awesome.

10 01 2011

JC and I actually went to this spot so I could do some stuff there. But I ended up getting a flat so JC decided it would be a good idea to try this gap….on Taj’s bike none the less! JC is a crazy MF, that is for sure.

11 01 2011

The wave-C is nice and all and it would be even cooler if it had some front brake mounts on those forks!!!

11 01 2011

Amen brother. Jim C told me they would have them in the fall….of 2010.

I just got my AARP card. Can you sip them before I die please.

12 01 2011

The front brake forks are coming! I know it is as easy as welding on some 990 mounts to a 24 inch fork, but we have to go through all of the normal steps before the forks come in. We tested them for a few months to make sure everything was 100% dialed. They should be coming in on the next few containers of bike parts. This website will be the first place I contact when the forks are arriving.
So stoked there are so many people who are wanting those forks on this blog! You guys are all bad asses!

12 01 2011

What color will the forks with the brake mounts be available in? I was hoping that I could pick up a Wave-C and the forks at the same time and the same color.

12 01 2011

The Wave C frames will be available in a Vapor Blue (just about the same color as the bike JC is on above) and Black Magic. For the first run of Morning 24.1 forks with the front brake mounts they will only be available in Black Magic. A matching color to the Vapor Blue frame could be coming soon after if there is enough interest. But since this fork is a new item we want to test the waters, if you will, before we start making a bunch of color options. But judging from you guys on this site….there are quite a few people who are frothing at the mouth in anticipation for these beast masters.

13 01 2011

haha- “beast masters.”

you should let the marketing guys loose with that one!

oh… and count me in!

13 01 2011

thanks for the info. Sign me up the a Black Magic set, can’t wait to compare it to my Liquid.

13 01 2011

The Liquids are sweet. That is for sure the only other 24″ bike that I would want to own other than a Model C.

13 01 2011

Well I have the Liquid and a Model C but it’s a 21.25 frame. I love the Sunday but it’s a bit short for me being 6’3. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Wave C with front brakes.

14 01 2011

I’m with you on the Sunday.I’m 6′ and the 21.25 is a tad too short for me(got the complete).22″ Wave-C and front brakes I will be a happy camper or bmxer!!

16 01 2011

I thought at first the 21.25 would be too short but I now find it spot on. At 6’2″ I love it it. The trick is bigger bars.
Mind you, I’m old school, so bigger bars run 90 degrees to the ground is how I like it.
Got me a black magic frame and forks, can’t wait for those front forks

18 01 2011

I haven’t even started to build the current model c frameset I have!! Can’t decide if I should sell it and go with the wave c or build both or what?

What’s the price point on the wave frame and brake forks?

4 02 2011

That’s at the Target shopping center at Ben White and South Lamar.

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