The RRS frame that revolutionized racing

7 04 2016

Given that it’s “throwback thursday”, it’s fitting to take a lookback at the frame that revolutionized the cruiser class in the early days of BMX racing.

Back in an era when the cruiser class was made up of 26-inchers, the owner of RRS bikes (Craig Kundig) put one of his fast amateur riders (Joe Claveau) on a 24″ bike.  That rider proceeded to dominate the cruiser class and a new cruiser size standard was born.


When that same rider, Joe Claveau, would then go on to pilot that 24″ RRS frame to the ABA National Cruiser rider title in 1981…which cemented the 24″ cruiser standard for the decades that followed.




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25 05 2016
John Muenks

I had a blue crusier and a red 20″ back in the day. Those frames were way ahead of their time, running cantilever brake mounts, 110 sized headsets (road bike sizing, and better quality then most bmx headsets at the time), eccentric bottom brackets meant no loosening of the rear wheel or adjusting of brakes. I don’t remember ever seeing a cracked or broken one, and up in the Pacific Northwest there was a lot of the crusiers, 20″s were much more rare. Seemed to be a high quality frame and fork set. Seems like from what I was told they were pretty expensive when they came out.

17 05 2017
PULL magazine dedicates issue to Cruisers | cruiser revolution

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29 05 2017
A cruiser by any other name | cruiser revolution

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29 05 2018
Rob O

It was Joseph Claveau or Joe. Not “John”

29 05 2018

Good catch. Will update.

28 10 2018
Chockablock cruiser coverage in Pull mag | cruiser revolution

[…] everyone was on 26ers. Of course, as we all know (and if you don’t, check out this post on 24″ RRS cruiser) 24″ cruisers ended up taking over and dominating the cruiser […]

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