Cult joins the 26″ movement

27 09 2016

Here’s something I didn’t expect to see at Interbike.

A 26″ cruiser from Cult!


As you know, Cult has dabbled in the cruiser scene before: first, with The Simpsons/Cult Duffman Cruiser and then with the Cult Limited Edition Cruiser.

Both bikes were 24s.

So a 26″ was a real surprise from these guys…not to mention it’s full cro-mo construction, a departure from its alloy predecessors.


The Cult Devotion 26 also comes with another surprise…a 26″ version of their ever popular Vans collab tire!

And does it ever look cool.


While I was checking the bike out I also learned that additional colorways for the Vans tires are already in the works (for the aftermarket)…and they will be available in the next couple months.

We’re talking a red stripe.


And some super cool whitewalls.


I think these tires are going to be pretty popular.

No word yet on the specs of the cruiser but I expect they should be released any day now.

I believe both the cruiser and the tires should be available by November (the cruiser a little sooner).

Bonus info: Word on the street is that a version of these Vans tires might just end up on future SE model cruiser (but you didn’t hear that from me).




7 responses

28 09 2016

No width size on the tires? Hopefully nothing bigger than 2.1 so I can fit them on my Sledgehammer.

14 10 2016

26 x 2.30

28 09 2016

Really cool, 26 come up

28 09 2016
Juan carbon copy Valdez

Good to see tan walls creeping in. Well 26″ anyway.

14 10 2016
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