Grump Double Barrel Cruiser: 2X the fun?

25 10 2016

Maybe I’m showing my age…’cause right after coming across pictures of Grump Racing Cycles new Double Barrel Cruiser on the weekend…I immediately started humming that old “Double your pleasure” Doublemint Gum jingle.

Which is a little sad really, considering how cool this bike is…and how lame those commercials were.

grump-backLoving that double-top tube.

Seriously, when is the last time you’ve seen a double-top tube race cruiser?

grump-double-top-tubeNo word yet on specs or pricing (Grump is based out of Australia so keep that in mind)…but based on these pictures, I have feeling there’s gonna be a lot of folks interested in these.

grump-seat-stayIt’s gonna turn a lot of heads at the race track, that’s for sure!




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