Liquid Bikes teases with pic of new frame

30 10 2013

Solid Bikes posted a picture a couple of days ago that had some people buzzing about whether or not they were producing a 22″ frame.

Turns out the frame in the picture was none other than the Solid Bikes-produced prototype of the new 24″ Liquid Bikes frame.

new Liquid 24in frame built by SolidI’ve been looking forward to getting a closer look at this frame ever since I heard that a new Liquid frame was on the way.

Hopefully this means that we are getting real close to this frame becoming available to the public.

For more early pics of the Liquid prototype frame, check out this previous post from back in June.

And if you’re wondering if this frame can hold up to some serious riding…check out this clip of the trails that Liquid Bikes owner, Jeremy Combs regularly rides at (and a few quick clips of the new frame in action).




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