Something new from Subrosa

9 01 2013

So this is what Wayne Keller‘s been so coy about.

Looks like he’s been rolling on a pre-production double-top tube Subrosa 24″ frame and Villicus fork

Here’s a side-view pic of it in his shop:


And an advance look at some promotional material for it:
No word yet on geometry, specs or availability.
Subrosa has had some other 24s in their lineup in the past…like the Letum 24 and the Salvador.  The Salvador was a bit of a disappointment to many…given its high-ten frame construction (check out For real, too much steel for more on this).
Has Subrosa stepped up their game this time?  We’ll have to see.
What are thoughts on this new ride?



13 responses

9 01 2013
Daniel J. Burris

Will it come with RL20 Forklifter bars, too?

9 01 2013
Blart Versenwald III

All chromoly frame and fork.

9 01 2013

Thanks “Blart”…all chromoly is welcome news!

9 01 2013

Giant Torker love it!

9 01 2013

Like it, seat tube looks pretty relaxed and head tube looks steep, good!

9 01 2013
Blart Versenwald III

Yup, plenty steep in the front while not gettin’ squirrelly , roomy up front for 6’2″ rider, seat post angle is relaxed yet still able to pinch seat for barspins and whatnot..

10 01 2013

cool looking rig… and i’m impressed he’s willing to run the saddle at a decent height!!

10 01 2013
Blart Versenwald III

yup, at my age (42),and the fact that I commute on this bike back-n-forth to work every day, I just can’t run the seat slammed. As mentioned above, the seat angle provides some legroom but is still there for old-fart barspins..see the pic on the Cruiser Revolution FB site or here:

Thanks for all the feedback, keep it coming.

10 01 2013

I think its pretty cool. Even if its high-tensil its still helping keep the 24’s alive and kicking.

10 01 2013
Blart Versenwald III

yeah man, it’s workin’ out well. It is all chromoly with post weld heat treating so it’ll hold up. Thanks for the comments, keep ’em comin’

10 01 2013
Mr Sims

Front break mounts?

29 01 2013
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