Rasta Model-C: coolest custom Sunday?

1 03 2012

I’ve seen a lot of great Sunday Model-C builds over the years but this has got to be one of the coolest!

Check out Chris Ehlbeck’s custom Rasta Model-C…this whip is badass!




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5 12 2012

Well how about that…

This guy not only lives in the same small city as me, but he actually played a role in getting me back into bmx. I saw him teaching a kid to ride banks, admired the bike, and decided on the spot that I was going to get a 24 and return to bmx.

30 04 2013

What size bars are those?I’d like to get big ones they look nice.sweet bike!

10 05 2013

Hey Todd, watch for an update on this bike coming soon!

10 05 2013
Rasta 24 revisited | cruiser revolution

[…] Last year, Chris Ehlbeck sent in a photo of his Rasta Model-C. […]

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